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About Us.

Kashmir is place of natural beauty. So people are naturally attracted to the nature and are famous for producing hand made goods both in quality and design.

Armed conflict in the region has badly affected this sector for many years. God given gift of art remained alive even during the difficult period of last 2 decades. Now unexposed art and voices unheard are noticed by the world due to the spread of Cyber Technology.

Cashmere Heritage a Europe based Kashmiris have decided to promote globally the Art and Handicraft of Kashmir. Kashmir products have already popularity and market value. Be it Cashmere wool or Cashmere Shawl or Cashmere Saffron or Cashmere Sapphire. All these products are richest in art, quality and design.

Our aim is to promote the artists and manufacturers and market their products in global market so that they can get both applause and value of their artistic work. Join us to promote our art, our "mouj kasheer". Valuable ideas can make our journey of success more easy.